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Forget the designs made with the stencil that have already been seen and done before. We bring you a unique selection of furniture and furnishings that come from selected brands with materials, production and certification of Origin Made in Italy 100%. When we address to Casa Italia Design for a furnishing project , not only you invest on the extremely quality of the furnitures Made in Italy , of a particular brand or designer, but you invest on a series of “plus”: the creativity of a tailored project, the quality of materials, technological innovation.

Italian furniture

Products that are both made and designed in Italy also benefit from quality materials, craft and attention to detail. The work and passion that goes into Italian furniture lends a certain vitality and excitement to the pieces. Since most of the companies are private and family owned the construction process is better than anywhere.Italian furniture is iconic. The varied influences, quality materials and simple designs will never appear dated.

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The craftsmen and artisans we collaborate with dedicate their lives to studying and perfecting their craft. This dedication to perfection means that you are furnishing your home with quality pieces that will last for generations to come. We sre specialize in Contract and happy to be working with professionals by providing innovative materials, design furnishings simplifying the work to achieve excellent results and of unquestionable quality.


At Casa Italia Design we try hard to meet your desires with the most elegantly designed and trendiest Italian furniture picked from the reputed companies of Italy. Contact us for any query and assistance and let us introduce the Italian style to your company. The design work is fundamental in order to be able to create a comfortable and unique structure by fulfilling the customers needs; for this reason Casa Italia Design is pleased to collaborate with architectural firms and interior designers.


Clean contemporary lines and simple geometric shapes make it extremely popular today as an ideal fit in most modern homes, hotels, villas. The minimalist appearance of Italian furniture allows homeowners to add their own art, accessories, and colors to express their personalities in a space. It’s a lot less likely things will clash with each other in a room and much easier to achieve a balanced look. While Italian design can appear simple, don’t confuse it with being “boring.” Whether it’s an unexpected shape, trim details, mixed materials or color combinations, designers have a way of making their pieces innovative and functional.


All our work, from materials, design, construction, assembly, installation turnkey are guaranteed and accompanied by all International Certifications, including Certification of Origin Made in Italy 100%.

Our Customer Say

We are honored by the partnership we have with Sangiorgio furniture represented by Casa Italia Design. In addition to quality, the design and rendering service we have facilitated us a lot to achieve our goals and give our customers added value maximizing interior space and giving them a quality' excellent product from all points of view. Thank you.

Penthouse Residence - Phnom Penh

Good Service and nice project..