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When people ask us what we do, let’s say we’re making luxury.

We bring the highest productive values ​​of the Italian business world to homes. Initially formed as a company representing high-end companies for large contractors in Contract Arredo, our planning has grown, as our business customers have asked us to collaborate personally with them. We are also happy to work with Architects and Interior Designers in Cambodia and to expand our experience with B2B solutions with local businesses.

It is our professional production experience and high production values ​​that distinguish us. We are always one step ahead!
What do we mean when it comes to high production values?

The best producers and designers will continually demonstrate high production values, including:

Particular knowledge and expert technical planning.
Innovation in design to create a completely immersive and packed atmosphere.
An understanding of the spaces, problems and dynamics of a project.
It has established solid relationships with the best professionals, decorators, entrepreneurs and craftsmen.
World-class and expert on-the-world management that produces impeccable, successful and unforgettable design projects.
Particularly unique, of prime quality and excellent finishes.
Maximize a customer’s budget.

Impeccable and high quality details are essential for the production of luxury projects
Production includes everything from design to technical planning and site management. It’s not just about getting a close look at the details and offering an impeccable project. Although of course this is a given. It is the ability to be able to cure individual items, to anticipate and provide the best result experience for our customers. And this is to ensure a highly professional and high-quality look for every detail.

Technical plans, structural layouts and on-site schedules

Detail of production:
technical plans, structural layout, site plan and delivery times.

Technical planning is an essential detail considered by the best designers and furniture manufacturers. This involves considering elements such as structures, lighting, interior and exterior spaces, service areas, car parks. Site Plans and Structural Planning of Elements such as Entrance, Living, Kitchen, Rooms, Bathrooms, Furniture, and Shelving Items ensure the best possible atmosphere for your budget, site size and the people who live there. This planning is the point where innovation and creativity in event design meet with expertise in technical details.

Immersive experience with the best quality and detail.

KK Italy Trading offers quality solutions and detailed detail. We do this by creating an innovative tailor-made design project and working with the best Italian brands, manufacturers and craftsmen with whom we have built a solid reliable relationship for many years. Take a look at some of our projects of Villas, Hotels, Luxury Condos, Resorts, Yachts, Private Jets, etc.
All photography is from planned events.

Learn more about how we work.

Planning a project?

Creating the highest quality, professionally produced parts is our passion.
Make your home unique and inimitable.

Get in touch. Call 00855 962987459 or write to info@kkitaly.com

KK Italy Trading© provides full custom design planning service, including design, production and management.

All the images shown on our website are from the projects and productions of the Brands we represent.